Keep cool in a crisis! Things move fast online. And within hours, a misguided tweet, a rushed press release, or a misunderstood email can send your brand into a tail spin. You brand detractors now use the same tools as you do; what can you do?

Luckily, Shout! use these tools too, and we are experienced in turning an online crisis around. We can’t un-say something someone has posted. We can’t turn off Twitter. But we can ensure that positive messages outweigh negative ones and save your brand along the way!

Reduce damage with speed and transparency

The key to surviving an online crisis is a speedy response. With Shout! on board, you can be sure the response will be rapid. But you also need to send the right message. Our online marketing experience and our intimate understanding of search techniques and social media tools puts us in a unique position to deal with your crisis calmly and effectively.

Engage in the conversation

The age of the monolithic brand 'broadcasting' to a mass audience is over. In its place is a powerful opportunity to have real conversations with real customers. When faced with a crisis, Shout! helps target your messages and get them noticed within these conversations.

We monitor the biggest social media sites in the world, and respond to spot-fires with speed and care, working with you to ensure your message is delivered in the right place at the right time.

Customers crave open, 2-way communication. By responding quickly and appropriately to a brand crisis, you can actually win more fans!

Don't let it happen again!

Your brand is probably your biggest asset, but it's difficult to control online.

Work with Shout! on proactive online reputation protection strategies. Shout! builds a virtual "force field" that protects your brand and counters bad news quickly and effectively.

By cementing 'good news stories' about your brand online, you will be in a much stronger position should a crisis threaten your reputation in the future.

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