Case Study

EO Financial Services

The Business

eo is a financial services company dedicated to providing effective and innovative solutions to superannuation trustees, company boards, employers and associations. eo manages 5 different superannuation clients, all of which offer different services and products to their members.

The Challenge

eo wanted to increase the profile of all 5 superannuation clients, through innovative mediums such as search. The main goals were to increase brand awareness, brand reputation and to encourage growth in memberships across all divisions.

The Solution

Shout devised a comprehensive search strategy across all 5 different divisions. Each superannuation fund had their own thorough competitor analysis and link consolidation on their competitors, highly targeted keyword research and a unique link building strategy on different finance networks.

Navigation to inwards pages was also an issue for the brands. Shout created an intelligent footer which helped usability to key inward pages, decrease bounce rate, increase text to image ratio and also allow the Google to properly understand the home page.

The Results

Within 12 months Shout created dominant search engine rankings and statistics for eo Financial Services:

  • 1338.5% increase in search engine traffic from last year.
  • 48,679 increase in web traffic towards all 5 websites.

Keyword Results:

  • #2 Industry Super
  • #4 Lost Super
  • #3 Pension Fund
  • #2 Retirement Calculators