The Facebook ecosystem


The first step is building your presence with a Facebook
Page. Pages allow you to create an
identity for your business in the social graph
- the map of the connections among
people and the things they care about.
If you have physical store locations,
link your Page with a Place.

You can use Social Plugins, the
Graph API and Apps on
Facebook to create social
experiences involving your
products and online
properties that are engaging
and personalized.


Creating these Facebook touch
points allows you to start building
your fan base and engaging with
your customers. Facebook Like Ads are
the quickest way to acquire fans. Publishing
and engaging in conversations with your fans will
allow you to deepen relationships and gain
valuable insights.


Every time someone interacts with your business,
that action gets published into the News Feed,
creating word of mouth. These organic
stories are extremely effective at
getting others to engage and take
action, and can be shared with
a much larger number of
potential and current customers
by using Facebook Ads and
Sponsored Stories. Facebook
Ads include the names of
friends who have already
connected to your business.
Sponsored Stories enable you
to increase the distribution
of News Feed stories about
your business.

Together, these tools give you the
effectiveness of earned media, at the
scale and predictability of paid media.
Every campaign you run has a lasting
impact via the relationships you build along
the way. This is the new word of mouth and research has
shown it’s twice as effectiveat driving results.

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